The Pod Story, baby travel bag and cot

We were two Bizzi working mums looking to create something new for the baby industry.

We knew that making life easier for parents when travelling anywhere with a new born baby would be a good place to start.

This product had to be so many things, superb design, functional, innovative, first class quality and value for money.

We wanted a product that would solve everyday problems and hopefully simplify life for families.

So the POD bag was born, a changing bag that was so much more, it would actually convert into a travel crib!

Every detail in the POD bag is carefully designed to ensure high quality, comfort and convenience.

There is simply nothing else like it on the market that allows such ease of travel all in one bag!

Introducing the baby travel bag and cot, the POD bag.

Best Baby and Todler Gear 2017 by Mum Award Gold

Made for Mums Award 2018  Silver

Mother and Baby Awards 2018 Bronze